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Is app still available?


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As part of the transition from Roxio to Retrospect we had to take the app down so that the software developer info could be updated. The result was needing to re-submit to Apple. It seemed like a good time to work on releasing a new version, so we are currently waiting for Apple to approve a new iPhone app with new features. It should be up soon.



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Using the MAC version RS now for my BootCamp 5.0.545 i.c.w. Windows 8 Pro x64. Other native windows machines with the clients.

So no use anymore for the app i.c.m. RS Pro 8.1. Cheers.


Hi guys,


Still having problems loggin RS to my i-devices:


> 192.168.xxx.xxx (base-camp) or should I use xxxxxx.local?

>> "admin-password"


Forwarded 22024 in router and gave firewall in WIN8-Pro_x64 permission! :wacko:


BTW, the app works flawless in OS X by just entering MAC ip-address and/or host and admin login password :)


Any advice/help greatly appreciated!!!

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