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Purchased upgrade but get: "authentication codes cannot be directly added"

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Getting exactly the same error message. What is going on?


Trying to upgrade v.8 to v.9. Bought a Retrospect Single Server 20 clients upgrade for Mac. Got the License Code by email. Downloaded and installed the upgrade. Tried to put in the code and got "authentication codes cannot be directly added"


Where to from here?

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Same with me. I just got the upgrade to Windows version 7.7 yesterdsay and when I put in the license code I was sent via email, it says I have "entered an upgrade license code and that it will not directly enable Retrospect functionality. To get my fully functional license code, contact Retrospect as directed below.". I'm directed to push the "Web" button and that just takes me to retrospect.com which just shows me a nice big picture of the software I just bought but can't use. I sent them email but no reply yet. This is bad.

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Figured it out. On retrospect.com, go to Support->Downloads and Updates. Click on the "upgrades page" listed a few lines down in the text. In the "Have you already purchased a UAC license code? *" box, enter the UAC license code just received when upgrading. It then wants you to put in the licence code from your original retrospect purchase. Do that and it will then generate the real license code that unlocks retrospect. This should have been made clearer in instructions.

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