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Client Reserved -505 error

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I'm having problems backing up my air book under retrospect 9. When I run the retrospect app, it seems to say the client on the air book is "busy", though it has the wrong address in the detail field. If I try a "locate" operation, it finds the air book on the net, but gives a -505 error "client reserved". There's no other server running on my net, so I have to believe the air book went to sleep during a prior backup operation.


If I try to remove the client on the server (press the "-" button under sources) it silently fails (spins a few seconds, then returns without deleting the client). If I remove and reinstall the client on the air book it seems to maintain its state - still reserved. How do I nuke the lock?



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Oh if only it were so simple. after rebooting everything (and taking a week off as I was traveling), the server no longer thought the client was reserved. But it still basically ignored it - refresh/locate found the computer but didn't update its data. In fact, Retropsect (server) thought it was at x.x.x.14, when it was really at x.x.x.12.


Why it refused to update (after a locate request for crying out loud!) I don't understand. All DHCP, so you better believe it isn't static.


The work around - I forced the poor air book to be at the address the server was looking for (x.x.x.14). Then all was well, the backup happened, and server continues in its Alzheimer-like way of living only in the past and getting angry when changes are made.


Bug! -_-

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Have you tried removing the client and then restarting the engine and then adding the client back in. I have also found that if you open Retrospect client on the client and click Off while holding down the command key it changes the status to not running. If then click On the status returns to Ready and you can start backing up the client again. I have experienced this issue especially when you stop a script while it is scanning the client's volume(s).

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