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Find Files in multiple backup sets bug 7.7


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I just upgraded to Retrospect Pro 7.7 from 7.6.


Using 'Find Files', I selected 4 backup sets (made under 7.6) to search for some archived folders not knowing which set they were in. Upon setting up the restore location and search criteria, I was presented with the summary Retrevial window and got the following:




Notice that under Files Chosen that Project Arc 003 is shown twice, when in fact the last one should be Project Arc 004 which indeed has a few thousand files found. If I click the Files Chosen button I'll get a window showing the found contents of Project Arc 004.


If I go back and remove Arc 003, I'll then properly see Arc 004. If I then go back and add Arc 003, it will show Arc 004 twice instead. If I add more than 4 backup sets, I'll see whichever is in the #3 slot twice and the rest are not shown at all.


In any event I think 4 is the max number of backup sets I've ever searched for, but I am quite positive that under 7.6 it did properly show all 4 in the Retrieval window. This doubling of #3 is happening now in 7.7 (7.7.562 to be exact.)


I was going to use the 'Contact Support' link but that form is a bit useless, you can only type 250 characters in for the problem description!

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