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Any Upgrades In The Offing?

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I've been a long-time Retrospect user, and really don't need any technical help, but...


I've been using version 7.6 for several years (Multi-Server, Open File Backup & SQL Backup) and was ready to upgrade to 7.7, but the sales rep for the retailer I use is recommending that I purchase the upgrade with the Annual Subscription & Maintenance (for my Multi-Server license and just the ASM for the add-on licenses) because of a new version that is set to be released soon. Any truth to that?


I've done fine using Retrospect without ASM for a long, long time (have been using Retrospect since the early '90's) so the only reason I would likely go that route is for the future upgrade, but adding that the 7.6 to 7.7 upgrade adds considerably to the cost; granted, it would be less than two separate upgrades, but the only place I've heard about an impending new version of Retrospect is from this sales rep.


I don't follow these things as closely as some, but I would think if a new version was in the wings, there would be some news of it around, but I can't find anything recent. Any thoughts on whether I should take her word for it & make the jump?





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There was a Retrospect roadmap knocking about somewhere last year, but I don't know how the Roxio > Retrospect Inc thing has impacted those plans. It would be good to have a clear roadmap and reassurance that Retrospect for Windows is still a product going forward and it's not returning to its Mac-only roots?


7.7 has been out ages and there are so many bugs and usability/design problems it can be quite frustrating at time.



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Agreed on all points, Rich. For what it's worth, yesterday my sales rep forwarded to me a note she received from a Werner Walter (Retrospect Senior National Sales Manager);

To get to the latest version they just need to upgrade the Multi Server license as the other agents will still work with the new base Multi Server license. I am also giving you the support (ASM) agreements for the add-ons as that will protect them for product upgrades during the year (one is planned mid-year) Let me know if you have any questions.


I don't know the chain of command at Retrospect, but that at least sounds authoritative, and I count it as a positive sign for Retrospect for Windows. The sales rep was going to check back with him to confirm; will let you know if/when I hear anything more.



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