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How do I access older topics?

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Sorry for being off-topic, but there doesn't appear to be a forum area for posts about forum management.


I wanted to post a reply in the "Copy/overwrite entire still copying far too much in Retrospect 9" topic, but I seem to only be able to see topics that have been posted to in the last seven days. I've tried clicking on the Start Date, Most Replies and Most Viewed buttons, and tried the settings in the Custom drop-down, but I couldn't find the topic.


I eventually found the topic in My Content, but when I posted to it it didn't show up in Recently Updated (or any of the other screens from the content selection buttons).


Ideas, anyone? I know that zombie topics are frowned on in some forums, but limiting posts to topics older than seven days seems a bit severe, limiting even being able to read them seems right over the top!

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