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The State of Support


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As the Director of Support Services for Retrospect, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little "State of Support" update to the community.


As many of you may realize, when Retrospect moved from EMC to Roxio, technical support stopped being handled by my own staff support staff and Roxio decided that support should follow an outsourced support model in the US.


After Retrospect Inc was formed, the very first order of business was for me to take control of technical support again and make sure we had the highest quality team possible. We re-hired some of the highly experienced EMC Retrospect support team members and brought on new people too. They are located in the same office as myself.


So today I am proud to say that we have a really strong team of technicians answering the phones. The technicians are supported by myself and a senior tech with over 5 years of experience on Retrospect. I would say that the staff doing support in our office has a total of over 30 years combined Retrospect experience.


Next up was getting the old Dantz forum and the Roxio forum combined, which is what we are using today.


In addition, all the Retrospect training videos have been moved over to YouTube for easy access.


The future:


A new Retrospect Knowledgebase. That should be live in a month or so.


With time we will expand our phone hours to better support more customers.


We will also be expanding the online support tools to include a glossary, documentation links and other tools to help you use and deploy Retrospect.


More positive changes will be coming as we get more time.


Our goal is to provide all of you with the best possible support experience we can.



Director, Support Services

Retrospect Inc.

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