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Clients V9, CAN'T Back up Now, ONLY work as Schedule Proactive

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I'm posting what waves figured out what his problem in case it helps anybody else (I don't run a VPN device like he does here, but it sounds like it ended up being a network problem of some sort...)





As your process matches what I was doing, I concluded that definitely something was at fault on my office network.


Office has 5 computers all running 10.7.2 , only 4 of them are clients: SO NEVER added more than 4 clients.


Cisco security router WRVS4400N, Gateway mode, IPV4 Only, DHCP set to distribute IP range x.100 to x.150

Main iMac running Engine + Console has STATIC IP xxx.10, as 2 printers x.200, x.201, UPS x.15 and NAS x. 20

The 4 clients are Dynamic DHCP but their IP never change, I checked many time. x.100, x.101,x.102, x.108


Reviewing all the set up on the Cisco, I found the whole issue was caused by a VPN tunnel I had tested and left active on the cisco before upgrading to V9, (See Screen Shot)


(maser: screen shot indicated he had an IPSec VPN Tunnel enabled on his router)


Disabling the VPN resolved the retrospect client access with the console closed.


- Why the VPN is preventing retrospect to run properly with the console Closed remains a mistery ?

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