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6.0 client not "on" after wake from sleep

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I'm running 6.0 Workgroup on an Beige G3 running 10.2.6, and am using it to back up a number of Mac, Windows, and Linux clients, including a PowerBook running 10.3.2. Sometimes when I wake the PowerBook from sleep, the client, which had been turned on, is turned off. This of course causes the G3's scheduled backups of the PowerBook to fail. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix?



Jim Miller

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Gah -- sorry for the crappy trouble report. I'll think of something to blame it on later. Anyway:


- What version of the OS X Client is the PowerBook running?


6.0.108; the Powerbook itself is running 10.3.2.


- Will the Client stay on after a restart?


Sometimes. I just checked it now after having rebooted earlier in the day, and it was off.


- Has the Client software been moved from its default location?


No -- it's in /Applications.




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