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How do I use CD-R media for backup?

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I am trying to use CD-R media for backup for the first time. I just upgraded to Retrospect 6. It indicates that my QPS QueFire 12x10x32 CDRW drive is compatible and shows up in the config-devices list.


I set up my backup set and did a test run just to backup 50 meg. Retrospect keeps prompting me for CD media endlessly and never backs anything up. It goes incrementally, so it puts header info on the first disc (1-TESTCD) and then asks for 2-TESTCD and then 3-TESTCD and so on. But it never actually backs anything up.


I eventually jsut canceled the opration and then mounted a disc to see if Retrospect would see it in the device menu. It does properly show up with its new name (1-TESTCD...).


I am using CD-R media not CD-RW. I tried a generic brand and a Memorex brand.


Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for any help.

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