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Retro 9 Console Even Less Responsive?


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Is it just my installation, or have any other users noticed that the Retro 9 console (at least in the trial version) is even less responsive than Retro 8.2's?


I currently have one activity thread running (retrieving snapshots related to disk grooming). The console is unresponsive more than it is not. Even with no activity running, it often takes 5-15 seconds for a new window to appear after clicking on the sidebar item (say, from Past Backups to Media Sets), and then presents a similar delay in displaying details when, say, shifting the selection from one media set to another.


I'm using the configuration from Retro 8.2, with a full complement of around a dozen rules, 25 scripts, 40 sources, and 3 media sets, plus all the information on past backups that resides in this 16 MB config file.

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Guest Steve Maser

Yes it is. I've reported this and am hoping there will be a quick "9.0.1" release that will address this (and the sluggish "Restore" issue...) Feel free to pile on with Retrospect tech support on this one. (I'm wondering if they are related issues, actually...)



What I've observed here is that if an activity is in the "Closing" phase, the console becomes unresponsive (there may be other points where this happens.) Because I have 8 proactive scripts running (albeit only 5 of them are usually backing up clients during the "work day", there is almost always a client in the "closing" phase of the backup activity), I've found the 9.0 console *extremely* unresponsive. I've ended up checking things with the iPhone app to see what's actually going on when the console is SPODing.

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