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Potential Remedy For Long Suffering V8 Users

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It seems pretty obvious that the new Retrospect company needs the cash flow of the new licenses, maintenance, etc to be a continuing concern (other wise it becomes the late Now Software). Obviously users are feeling pretty burned after getting promised a pending update and then finding out it is a full upgrade. The ASM renewal is a nice gesture, but still seems like blood money a bit since there were no updates for 15 months, meaning any ASM purchase was completely worthless (since support couldn't do anything to resolve known issues, it too was of no value).


But how about adding a sweetener for those who purchased v8 more than a year ago (and so are forced to renew ASM to get a better price)? How about a feature or license bump? Desktop users can get an extra 3 clients or one server client license. Single server license holders get a license for an additional 10 clients, 5 clients and a server client, or 2 server clients. And Multiserver users get a single server license to have a second copy running on another machine (handy for restores, or for offloading network client backups) or one of the other add-ons like Advanced tape support.


And as an alternative to all of those there could be an option to sidegrade to the Windows version which seems to have gotten a lot more stability testing than the Mac version, getting them out of the beta fastlane they've been in.



Retrospect still gets cash flow, customers might not feel quite so burned, and maintenance for the next year will go up since they will have additional licenses in need of maintenance (which hopefully will have received a few updates over that time). Cash outlay is minimal, since most of those older users are not likely to expand their usage with the new version anyway until it appears like its on more stable ground. This kind of sweetener might be just what is needed to get them to spring for it.

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