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Client-Initiated Backups Not As Expected


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I was quite pleased to read that a client could initiate backups to a server engine under version 9. Oh my surprise when I saw that the clients could not initiate a script!


The current client-initiated backups work well on backup and restore for piecemeal files and folders, though are slow to start either process. Where they seem to fall short for the administrator is in the following ways:


  1. All clients can only back up to a single Media Set. So, how large a drive am I going to need? I have no way of knowing. What's to keep multiple clients from thinking they need to backup their Home folder? That would be a huge waste of bandwidth and drive space for something that would have to be backed up again when the regularly scheduled backup runs.
  2. There's no logical way to move a client's backup with most of it in self-contained sets (simple), but some of it in On-Demand set (probably files the user feels are important) to a new drive. How do I merge the On-Demand set contents into the client's regular set(s)? I basically see them as orphaned data, administratively, even if they are still readily available via a client restore. I also don't see how a Grooming policy would work across separate media sets either.
  3. Why can't a server script be run by the client? An admin could simply choose the script as an On-Demand option under a particular Source. The client could see 'Backup via Server Script' or something similar and the administrator would know exactly what was going to happen. The user could also see a description of the script (if there was a script description field in the console) and choose to run it or do a Backup Now... instead.
  4. If a script could be run, why can't the user's Backup Now... selection just be a local inclusion-only selector override for the script? This would back up the data in the correct media set via the 'usual' script defined for that client. If the selected data is not normally part of the script selector, then Backup Now.. to a separate media set makes sense, and should be indicated to the user.


I'm definitely not saying the current Client-Initiated Backup is poorly implemented (kudos, it seems to be bug-free), it's just not what I expected. I see its place and usefulness, but I hoped for something a little more robust, and less of a potential admin headache, considering it was a selling point for the upgrade.


I would like to see the addition of Client-Initiated Backup Scripts, with the bonus of possibly shutting down the client machine when the script is done.



Lastly (just a pet peeve), if the On-Demand backup is not configured for a client, the client's menu should have it greyed-out or missing. Same with Restore.



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