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Server Upgrade From 8.2 To 9 Fails With Segfault On Mac


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I bought an upgrade to our version 8.2 20-user server setup and finally figured out how to install the server (where's the documentation on that?). However, I always get segmentation faults and crashes from the engine (see attached crash report) on Mac OS X 10.6.8, Mac Mini Intel Core Duo, 1.66 GHz with 2 GB of RAM.


I uninstalled the engine and app, then renamed my /Library/Application Support/Retrospect folder to something else, then tried again. Now the server installs and runs, but my license code fails to add with the error 'An error occurred' which is a really nice, well thought out error description.


Needless to say, I'm not impressed. I realize that I can go back to 8.2 and reset the catalogs via Time Machine, but I'd really like this to actually work. Short of doing a trial license, anyone have any ideas?



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Could not figure out how to get the engine to run while dealing with an upgrade of an existing 8 install. So, I overwrote the Catalogs folder and Config80 files, but not the retro.ini file, from my 8 backup over the stopped, but installed, new version of 9's /Library/Applications Support/Retrospect folder contents. Upon relaunch it required my serial number input again, which still doesn't work (fails now with 'This serial number is expired' or something similar). Set up a trial of the software and it accepted that serial number for now.


If you run the 9 uninstaller script on your existing 8 install, after trying to install 9, it erases your created public/private keys, if they are stored in the /Library/Applications Support/Retrospect folder. I had to pull those back out of a Time Machine backup for the server. Then, I moved them to different location and reset it in the console prefs.


Everything seems to be working just fine, albeit my remote console (also updated) is quite a bit slower than before.


Almost all Macs, with updated clients to 9, had to be restarted before the server could 'see' them.



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