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Issues With Retro 9

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I have downloaded and installed a trial version of R9 over our existing R8 install.


1. it will not accept my trial serial number in preferences> licenses, but seems to still have the R8 licenses. I hope that doesn't affect operation.


2. Retrospect could not see any of the clients until I stopped and restarted the retro engine. Logical I guess


3. OK, I stupidly put the wrong pubkey.dat in the client installer. Now when trying to add a client it says 'no public key found'. Even when I uninstall and reinstall the client and restart the machine. Where is this stored on the client machine? Can I manually add the pubkey.dat to it's proper location? Do I have to create a new key pair for retro 9?


Issue number 3 I really need to sort out in the next day or so. I am going on holiday later this week and do not want to have to do the backups manually from Fiji.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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found the clients were installed correctly and port 497 available. Server not answering to port 497 among other weirdness. Rebooted server, still would not see* clients but after another reboot Retrospect said 'an update is available. You are running 8.2 r399 and 9.0v 319 is available. Update?' Clicking yes re installed v9, which killed the v8 licenses and asked for a serial number. Put in my trial serial and voila- Retrospect finally can see AND log in to my clients using the public key. Adding 4 at a time unfortunately made the program spaz out so I restarted it and added them one at a time.


I'm not happy but I accept many of these issues could have been caused by an unsuccessful install. If my experience doesn't get better this trial will not turn into a purchase. Pity, I've been using Retrospect since the early 90's.



*I should elaborate here- sometimes the clients could be seen with a multicast search, but the could not attach to the server as the server was not answering on port 497.

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