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Retrospect 9 Basic Questions


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here are some questions that i didn't find answers to in a quick skim of the readme. in case it's not obvious, i'm migrating from version 8.x.


Q: there is a section titled "Upgrading from Retrospect 6.1" in the readme, but nothing regarding upgrading from 8.x -- am i missing something?


partial answer:


i think makes most sense to think of the new release as though it were 8.3. it does not seem to depart from compatibility with 8.x. your 8.x settings and media sets will work with the new version. see further details in the answers below.


Q: does the new app (in particular the "trial" app) replace my version 8.x application?


self-answer: no, new folder inside /Applications is called "Retrospect". old one was called "Roxio Retrospect 8". so the apps can co-exist in the application folder.


Q: if i run the the new trial version, does it "see" my existing version 8.x config (script, media sets, sources, etc.)?


self-answer: yes. [at least it appears so initially - there are perhaps some limitations on backward compatibility]


Q: does installing version 9 "disable" version 8? i.e., if i have backup scripts or proactive backups that would normally run automatically in version 8, will this be somehow turned off up on installation of version 9.x?

- if so, will the same scripts start running automatically in version 9?

- if so, what is the procedure for re-enabling version 8 if needed?

- if not, are there any steps required to prevent v8 and v9 from trying to access media sets at the same time?


partial self-answer: it appears that launching the version 9 app for the first time, causes Installer to run, which installs new version 9 stuff. it appears that this implicitly disables version 8.x - at least the no longer runs at startup and new version does.


Q: if i run the new trial version 9.x using the configuration and/or media sets created under 8.x do the media sets lose backward-compatibility with 8.x? that is, will i be able to revert to using version 8.x and preserve the ability to access my data, including backups done with the version 9 trial software?


Q: what is the process for dropping back to version 8.x after using the trial version 9?


Q: can the version 9.x retrospect client be installed using the normal client update process over the network or does it require a separate manual install on the client machine?


Q: what is cross-compatibility of server and client across v8.x and v9?




the last client release with 8.x was i believe client designation was version 6.x (which of course should not be confused with retrospect 6.x, the precursor to retrospect 8.x). this version is compatible with engine 8.x and 9.x.


the new client adds 64-bit support and a better interface. it is only compatible with the new retrospect engine (version 9.x) and will not run with retrospect engine version 8.x.


Q: how long is the trial period?


self-answer: it mentions 30 days at http://retrospect.com/trial.'>http://retrospect.com/trial. it seems that the "trial" aspect of it is associated with the license code rather than the version of the software that you download. the license i received is good until 12/26 (so roughly 7 weeks).


Q: where is the proper user forum for discussion of version 9?


non-answer: if you go to http://retrospect.com select forums from the support menu, it still links back to the roxio support forums (i.e. this site). as of the time i'm writing this, there is a retrospect 8 forum on this site, but no retrospect 9 forum. obviously, there are a few posts here relating to version 9.


for those who remember, it appears to me we are in for a repeat of the frustrating situation when the forums were badly bungled around the time of transition from 8.2-beta to the 8.2 release version last year. apparently no lesson was learned from that.


Q: where does one report bugs/issues related to version 9?


answer: there appears to be an active link for requesting help here: http://retrospectsupport.rovicorp.com/retrospect/retrospect.jsp?lang=en



NOTE - i will update this post directly with new answers as i get them.

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Guest Steve Maser

I can answer a couple of these (based on my observations):


1) My trial multi-server license code was set to expire 45 days after I installed it.


2) If you "push" the Retrospect 9 client upgrade, it should work fine. UNLESS YOU HAVE THE CLIENT FIREWALL TURNED ON. In that case, you have to "allow" retroclient through the firewall AND THEN RESTART THE CLIENT.


3) Cross-compatibility: Retro 8.2 and 9.0 can back up Retrospect 6 clients. Only Retrospect 9 can backup Retrospect 9 clients.

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