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Bought Retro 9 But Only Got Retro 8.2

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I just purchased the upgrade to Retrospect single server (20 client) from the web store. For some reason, the "upgrade wizard" would not accept my Retro 8 serial number, it kept saying that it was an ASM number, which it's not.


So I used a different serial number for a non-ASM version, and was able to purchase. But the download link only gets me Retro 8.2. What's up?

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The only documentation is the short bit in the user guide addendum:


Support for WebDAV shares

WebDAV extends the HTTP protocol to allow sharing and collaborative editing of files stored on a web server. In Retrospect 9, WebDAV shares can be backed up or used to store backups.

You add these the same way as you add other network shares; now in the dialog the text has changed to read:


SMB, AFP, HTTP supported.

No mention of HTTPS; and I shouldn't have made an assertion I haven't tested. Hopefully it's just an omission in the description, and not an omission of support for https.

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