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Retro 9 Powerpc Request

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I realize I'm spitting into the wind here, but if there's not a giant technical reason for abandoning a universal binary approach w/ PowerPC support built in, I'd like to request that it be included as it was w/ Retro 8. I know, I know...the last PowerPC Macs are 6 years old now. But you know what? Power Mac G5s make damned good file/mail/backup servers at very little cost. Think about what backup mostly is: copying data. With Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, FireWire, and other options via PCI/PCIe cards, a good G5 tower is perfectly capable of slinging around data like more modern Intel systems. What's more, a lot of clients have these sitting idle after upgrading to newer stuff, so the older towers make perfect servers. Yes, Intel processors and iOS Lion are the latest and greatest...but I've always found the best homes for Retrospect systems were NOT the newest machines. Anyway, consider this my request to retain/restore PowerPC support in the new Retrospect.




P.S. And why does this forum force initial caps on all topic titles?? That's not necessary nor desired. Should have been "Retro 9 PowerPC request". Sheesh.

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i agree in principal (our server and backup machines are both dual 2.5 g5s). however i'd far rather every effort was made making the software work as well as r6 did (which it doesn't at the moment) rather than supporting technology that was dropped by apple 6 years ago.


if you ever tried to use r8 on ppc (we did) you'd see it ran agonisingly slowly.

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