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What Are These *{*}* Files?


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It seems that retrospect spends a lot of time on files that I can't identify.


These have curly braces "{}"s in the file name and usually a long string of characters between the braces. Sometimes there are also characters outside of the braces.


I think this may be a retrospect bug because a search for these files turns up nothing (and I'm including, hidden and system files in the search).


What is this about?



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I think the files/folders are there, even if you can't search them.


My file manager [ZTW] shows 25 such files in my Windows 7 system, although only 5 of them show in a Windows file search. Most of them are System and Hidden.




Of course this doesn't count the files without a GUID name [32 char Hex string in curly brackets] that live in folders with GUID names. You'll find a lot of these folders in \Windows\Installer.




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