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Advanced Tape Support/multiple Links To Network Share

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Hey guys,


I'm running two different backup scripts on Retrospect 7.6 that are trying to access different folders under the a network share. I have an advanced tape support license installed as well, so I'd like both scripts to run concurrently using different tape drives.


The problem is this: since both scripts are trying to access the same network share (although different folders), one stays in the queue until the other is finished and says "waiting for access to 'share name'". On an older server we fixed this issue by adding a second link in "Sources" to the same network share and pointing each script to a different link (although it is the same share). However, on the new server, when we try to add a second link within retrospect it simply keeps the first one there and doesn't add a second one.


Does anyone know how to add a second link to the same network share within the "Sources" window?


Moreover, is there a better way to utilize advanced tape support without adding a second link to the same share?


Thanks in advance. :)

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That's a good idea, but I already have it setup like that. See attached picture for my setup.



For clarification, both scripts are trying to access the "42", "61", "62, "63" folders, but Retrospect doesn't allow the different scripts to run on different tape drives. It simply puts one script in "waiting" mode with the message "waiting for access to 'drive name'".

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