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Retrospect Boot Disc Is 816 Mg


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I created a Retrospect bootdisc for a clone backup of my C Drive. I need to install the clone now because I am having unsolvable system problems and I need to go back to the clone.


The Retrospect boot disc is 816 mg. When I try yo burn it using Nero, Nero says it's too big to burn on a CD (the CD is 700 mg).


Nero does not give me the option of burning to DVD. Besides, I am not sure if a DVD would work properly as Retrospect boot disc.


I am able to mount the Retrospect boot disc with Deamon Tools and I could copy all the files inside the disc image to a DVD. Would that work as a Retrospect boot disc being that it's a DVD, not a CD?


I guess the only other option would be to try to find blank CDR media that is larger that 800 mg. I don't even know if CDR that large exist.




Copy the contents of the iso to a another CD and remove unnecessary files. Do you know what files I can remove?


Any help with what options I have to create a Retrospect boot disc would be appreciated.


It is absolutely unthinkable that one of the most critical functions of Retrospect, disaster recovery, creates a bootable disc image that can not be burned to disc. I don't believe it and I am hoping and praying that some one will show me that is not the case.

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