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How To Wake Up Computer To Run Retrospect


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I use Retrospect to back up several computers on my home office network. I recently got a new 64-bit Windows 7 desktop system and transferred the Retrospect 7.7 license to it.


My problem is how to configure power saving options and still have Retrospect run automatically in the middle of the night. Being energy conscious, I would like to let the computer enter sleep mode when I am not actually using it, but I would like it to wake up whenever Retrospect backups are scheduled to run, and I would like it to stay awake for the duration of the backup sessions, however long they might take.


I tried to do this multiple times in the past with earlier versions of Retrospect and earlier versions of Windows, but was never successful. Any suggetions?





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I don't think Retrospect 7 directly supports waking the machine to run backups. (Fingers crossed for Retrospect 8...)


You might be able to work around this by creating a scheduled task that has "Wake the computer to run this task" enabled and scheduling that task to run slightly before your scheduled backups.


-- Pete

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Yup, not supported in RS, even though there are options in the settings to do so. I would take a screen shot, but RS has hung as I've tried to look at a Backup Set which has a lot of data in it. *sigh*.


Funnily enough this used to be supported 'back in the day', but it was removed. Users have been calling for it's return for years, but I guess they have more serious problems to deal with first. Power Management is important to businesses now...



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I have no problems using Wake on Lan, for XP but windows 7 machines, simply don't wake up.

For XP I simply had to adjust the setting in the bios and the configuration of the network adapter.

This solution however, didnt work for windows 7.


What are you using to WOL? Just from Retrospect or a third party?

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I'm going to give it a try as it seems RS 7.7 still doesn't support Wake on Lan for either the server computer or the clients. Too bad.


It works for me (for clients) on Retrospect Single Server on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server machine. 4 Mac clients and 1 Windows XP client seem to wake up fine, in conjunction with Proactive backup scripts. (As far as I know, the feature is not supported for non-Proactive scripts, but I haven't tested.)


Note that the actual wake-up may occur a few minutes after you expect it to, which I assume is something to do with the 90-second 'polling' interval of Proactive backups.

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