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Assertion Failure At "elem.cpp-1138"

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A few days ago Retrospect started crashing with error:"Assert - module.cpp-1138"




Retrospect Small Business Server Premium 7.7

Retrospect Version 7.7.562 (64-bit)

OS: Windows SBS 2008 SP2

The System (C:) disk has 180Gb empty space (about 60%),RAM is 32Gb The Data (D:) disk, containing the Catalog files has about 50%empty space The HDs containing the .rbd file have at least 10% empty space Alldisks are frequently defragmented


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In a readme file from the latest Retrospect version(7.7.562) this error is mentioned:


"RET-235: Fixed a crash (elem.cpp-1138 assert) thatcould occur when Retrospect sent a cleaning cycle command to a tape librarywhile another operation was running."



However I don't have a 'tape Library', just to separateLTO (LTO3 & LTO4) tape units.


And I am running version 7.7.562!



And I used the tool supplied by the manufacturer to checkthe units.


No errors/warning are found.






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The crashednow happens on average one’s a week.



Roxiosupport replied:


The “module.cpp-1138” error is not the same as the one fixed in the ‘Readme’ (RET-235: Fixed acrash (elem.cpp-1138 assert) that could occur when Retrospect sent a cleaningcycle command to a tape library while another operation was running.") fromthe latest Retrospect.


They suggesteda standard trouble shooting protocol:


- CheckWindows event log for corresponding errors


- Save theconfig77.dat file in a save place, and start Retrospect without the configfile, so that Retrospect creates a new config file.


- Test startingin Windows Safe mode



Due to the ‘low’frequencies of the error this is not possible: I can’t pinpoint the error to aBackup Set, Backup type, Script….


AND: creatingal the settings from scratch is NOT an option (Scripts, Backup Sets …. )



PleaseRoxio, change the way Retrospect save’s is Preferences to a ‘portable’ system.


For exampleuse XML file!!!





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Hi Fulco!


I'm indignant! :angry2:


I've this problem tree/four times on a year! I support you "removing the “config.dat” file, and recreating all settings isn't an option." I'm thinking on change this for other free software!


When Retrospect was of Dantz.com there was free support! It's incredible!

I'm thinking on open a new claim topic asking for the reimbursement all the money and time invest!!




1227008 Status

Open Date

5/4/2011 Issue Description

Technical Support | Retrospect for Windows 7.x | Program Crash/Hang


jpeek 5/4/2011


Hello Gemma,


Thank you for contacting Roxio Retrospect Customer Care.


After reviewing your notes, I understand that you need technical support for Retrospect but don't currently have an Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement.


I am showing that your ASM has expired, if you have purchased an ASM please provide proof of purchase.


Please understand that all support for Retrospect is offered through a paid support model. If you wish to receive support for your Retrospect product and are within 30 days of purchase, you can purchase an Annual Support and maintenance contract. Support contracts include 1 year of free upgrades to Retrospect as well as 1 year of technical support. You can buy an ASM through our online store:


- http://retrospect.com/buy/store/


You can also contact our Sales Department directly by calling:


- (866) 825-7694



WebTicket 5/4/2011


Today I've updated to the version 7.7.562 for Windows and then the application has stopped working.


When the aplication hang show: "assertion failure at "tyce.cpp-168", tyceCheckDL: DL 40145 appears to small".

Step details of the server and "operations_log.utx" resum:

OS: Windows Server 2003 version 5.2 (build 3790), Service Pack 2, (64 bit)

Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.7\Retrospect.exe, version 7.7.325

Driver Update and Hot Fix version (64-bit)

Exception occurred on 27/05/2010 at 15:21:49

Error info: Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-1098"

Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION

Fault address: 77D4DD50 0001:0000CD50 kernel32.dll


Also I attach a Zip with files and screens about it.

I think the machine crashes in a big way and corrupts config76.dat. Then when I rename config76.bak to .dat and launch Retrospect, which will then generate a new .bak file, it launches DOWN AGAIN!! I don't want start over again!

Thanks in advance.




Retrospect Edition: Multi Server

Operating System: Windows 2003 Server

Backup Device: Hard Disk

Backup Device Name/Model: Supermicro X8DTL-iF Xeon 5520 (Tylesburg-24D)

Do you have a support contract (ASM)?: No

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In my opinionthe situation is far worse then the lack of free support:


For someyears now, there hasn’t been any significant upgrade to the Retrospect forWindows Single/Multi Server edition!



I did payfor support, even so they failed to solve the issues. Roxio support even confirmedthat these problems are there (Grooming and corrupt Preferences/Settings).



Last year (22November 2010) I started a thread called “Has Retrospect Server a future?” (oldforums).


ARetrospect support team member reacted on 26 February 2011: “Everyone reallyneeds to relax…” and “We do have a Windows release that is actually done and ondeck for release very soon. I can't really give you more detail beyond that.”





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