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Why Is Rs 7.7 Not Backing Up Some Files?

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Well, I thought it was all going well. Haven't changed my backup selectors for ages as frankly our fileserver one is basically *copy all* except folders called 'temp'. I had a call form our HR team today as someone deleted a file by accident. When I looked to restore the file a number of files were not backed up that were present in the folder. It had, however, backed up two of the 15-20 files.


These files are a mixture of .dot and .doc template files, so I'm confused why their not backed up and more worried about what else isn't being copied that I have assumed has been for ages.


So, any ideas what has gone on? I don't have any erors backing up this server, the selector is straight forward and the backup set seems healthy. I'm running a backup set integrity check now and will rebuild the catalog as I'm assuming RS 'thinks' it has the files.




For tonight, I might backup to a new Backup Set, just to try and work around a few potential culprits, but it terrifies me to think what else isn't actually being copied!



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Ah, I think I found the problem and it was selector based - running a backup now to see if the problem is resolved.


Basically, I told it to not backup the folder called 'temp', however, this seemed to match with the folder 'document templates' as I only had 'match pattern' selected, rather than 'match exactly'.


I was assuming if I wanted to ignore any folders called templates, temp, temporary etc I'd use 'temp*' as the folder name, so this option seems overly complicated.


Fingers crossed my backup is complete! I had best go through all my other Selectors to make sure I haven't made the same mistake!


Live and learn...



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