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Backup To One External Drive Works, Backup To Other Doesn't

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We are using Retrospect 8.2.0 to back up media on a Mac Pro running OS Server 10.6.4. We have two external hard drives to which we back up, alternating between them weekly (physically swapping them). From the beginning, backups to one of the external drives have always worked, while backups to the other drive have always failed.


Both drives mount fine, and both appear to have the same name, at least as it is listed under the icon on the desktop. The person who set up the server for us mentioned that there should be an option within Retrospect to backup to whatever drive is mounted, as long as the name is the same (even if other identifying information--not sure what that would be--is not), although he couldn't remember where this option was located. I've tried to find it, unsuccessfully.


As an example, here is the log of an unsuccessful backup:


+ Normal backup using One at 4/11/11 (Activity Thread 1)

> Can't access Media Set Media Set A, error -2246 ( wrong Catalog File found)

4/11/11 9:00:00 PM: Execution incomplete


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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There has never been such an option you mention. Retrospect will always treat two (seemingly) identical drives as separate drives.


You must have two media sets, one for each drive. If you got only one, that's your problem.


If you have two media sets, you should "recreate" the one you are having problems with.

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