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Client 541 Error

Guest jmosk

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My backups of my laptop stopped working a few days ago after running fine before that. I get -541 errors stating the remote computer has been found but the client is not running. But the client is running. I reloaded the client software (version 7.7.114) on the remote and it is awaiting the first execution. The server is running on Win7 and the client is on XP. I have another client XP machine which the server sees with no problem. I turned on logging on the client (retroclient /log 9) and the log is showing that the connection is failing with a 10013 error (which indicates invalid permission for broadcast access. The client is binding to the correct IP address. The function only stopped in the last few days so I backed out the few changes I made to the XP machine - removed printers that I configured and also went back to a prior Windows restore point. But this is not resolving the issue. I am still getting the following sequence in the log file:


iplud: bounad to address:

ipludAddMembership: adding membership for

ipnsBroadcast: connect() failed with error 10013

ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for

ConnListener: listen() failed with error 10013 on

netEnumInterfaces: deleting interface 2, ip 192.168.11

netCheckNewInterfaces: found new address


then the sequence repeats. This goes on every few seconds, filling the log with connection errors.


netstat shows a TCP/IP listen from the retrospect client.

It also shows UDP from the retrospect client.


Interestingly, if I open the retrospect client UI, it reports it is ready but

after doing so, the netstat shows a flood of TCP connections (maybe 30 of them)

in the TIME_WAIT state with

local address:<local port number>

foreign address:


I have been using msconfig on the client XP machine to stop all services other than

the retrospect client and have turned off all startup programs. This should eliminate

interaction with other software and services. Yet the problem persists.


I'm am not sure what else to do at this point. The client is running windows XP SP3

for ages and as I stated, everything worked fine and backups ran normally until a few

days ago. I even backed out a Windows automatic update that was loaded in the last few

days to eliminate that update also. I searched for all files that were changed in the last

few days and removed what I thought was safe to remove. Also ran a virus scan which did

not report any errors.


Any suggestions of anything else to check or look for?

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Here is one more observation regarding this reported problem. When examining the Properties of the Retroclient Service installed on the XP machine and examining the Dependencies, none are listed. Yet on the 2nd client XP machine (the one which is working) the dependency shown is TCP/IP and IPSEC under TCP/IP. So for some reason the machine which is not working is not showing it is dependent on TCP/IP. The retrospect client has been reloaded several times and the machine reset many many times to insure clean restarts are done after trying various things to resolve this problem.

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I have also run sfc /scannow to look for corrupted Windows files and there was no corruption of XP files. I manually added the dependency of TCP/IP on the retrospect client which insures it does not start until TCP/IP has been started. This made no difference either.

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