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Can Retrospect 7.7 Windows Run Under Windows 7 Firewall?

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Dear All,


I just upgraded my laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit with site-wide firewall policy on.

When I try to backup my drives using Retrospect 7.7 from a server, nothing works due to "Retrospect Client" is not under Windows 7 "allow programs" list.


Is there anyway to go around this other than asking my firewall team to make exception?





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You need to make sure port 497 is open for UDP and TCP traffic on the backup server and client.


Much thanks for the reply!

I saw the port 497 number from the Retrospect manual (or blog) and was hoping there are other means to get around it. Opening a port within my company will involve a big review and I just try to avoid that.





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