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Non-File Backup Error After Moving Bakups


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Scenario - RS7.7 on Win7 64Pro. Netgear NAS. Catalogs are on local drive (D:)

I needed to expand the NAS, so I copied the backup set to a USB disk, rebuilt the NAS, then copied the backup set back.

I then did a "Repair catalog".




+ Executing Rebuild at 06/08/2011 16:04

To Backup Set AJWH Backup Set A...

The Backup Set member "1-AJWH Backup Set A" is corrupt or has data from another set.

06/08/2011 22:28:59: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 856071 files, 512.4 GB

Performance: 1401.7 MB/minute

Duration: 06:22:42 (00:08:24 idle/loading/preparing)



When I try to backup, RS falls over:



+ Normal backup using AJWH Server at 07/08/2011 10:37

To Backup Set AJWH Backup Set A...

* Resolved container My Computer container to 4 volumes:

Local Disk (C:)

Data (D:)

Programs (E:)

Distros (F:)


- 07/08/2011 10:37:56: Copying Local Disk (C:)

The Backup Set member "1-AJWH Backup Set A" is corrupt or has data from another set.

07/08/2011 10:48:12: Execution stopped by operator

Remaining: 16816 files, 4.8 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:10:15 (00:10:14 idle/loading/preparing)


If I do "catalog repair - Repair File backup Set" - I get a "non-file backup error"


So it looks as if there's a problem with the data files.....


What do I do next?




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