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Grooming Hell.. Latest 7.7 Multi Server Ed.

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So, I migrated RS to a new beefy server and copied across all the configuration which was working perfectly well. As part of the migration I upgraded to the latest version, but have since had endless grooming problems on our larger Disaster Recovery and Client weekly grooms. This is causing havoc with my offsite storage as I only have 2TB disks to take the backup sets out of office, without grooming the duplication script fails (outside of RS).


Has anyone else seen this in 7.7.562? Has there been a fix or a work around at all, as this is really causing me problems.


After the error RS tells me to rebuild the catalog files, which works fine, then on the next groom I get exactly the same error. i.e.


+ Executing Groom Clients > NAS at 03/08/2011 10:17 (Execution unit 1)

Grooming Backup Set Desktops...

Grooming Backup Set Desktops failed, error -2241 ( Catalog File invalid/damaged)

You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.


Or sometimes:


+ Executing Groom DR at 29/07/2011 19:00 (Execution unit 2)

Grooming Backup Set DR (Non CORE)...

Groomed 13.9 GB from Backup Set DR (Non CORE).

Grooming Backup Set DR (Non CORE) failed, error -1116 ( can't access network volume)

You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.

See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files.

Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set DR (Non CORE), error -1 ( unknown)


I have also changed the backup sets to use the IP of the central NAS storage box in case of a DNS issue.. so I'm not sure why all of a sudden if can't access the volume!? (note: only when grooming do I see this error, it can run an entire DR backup of out network without a single error of this type)





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I don't have any specific advice, but I have had catalog errors and grooming errors as well from time to time. My current set up has the catalog file and backup on the same machine and it has been running well. Previously I had the catalog file on the local backup machine, and the backup set over the network. Where are your catalogs relative to the Retrospect machine? I had network failures from time to time so we had to rebuild periodically. This also meant having to re-link the backup set to the scripts, do you have to do this as well? (i.e. rebuilding deletes the backup set from scheduled script sources). If you have another network path (2nd NIC) you could try that, or another network cable. The backups I assume scan other machines in the network so the problem may only show up during catalog operations.

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We are experiencingthe same problem: Grooming doesn’t work, even worse it damages the catalog files



Over aperiod of a year, I contacted Roxio several times.


None of theiradvice didn’t make the problem go away.



See forumthread: “Retrospect Small Business Server Premium Grooming Misery”


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