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Upgrade Retropect 7.6 To 7.7

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I have Retrospect 7.6 working fine.

I just have bought the upgrade to Retrospect 7.7.


I need to uninstall the Retroepct 7.6 in order to install the new version?

Is there a way for Retrospect automatically upgrade from version 7.6 to version 7.7?


If the only solution is uninstall Retrospect 7.6, how can I save my Data set and backup Jobs?


Waht is the best solution to perfom this upgrade?


Nuno Santos

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Waht is the best solution to perfom this upgrade?

Search for your Config75.dat or Config76.dat file. Save a copy of this file and note the location (often \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect or \ProgramData\Retrospect). Perform the uninstall and check if the file is still there. If it's not there, copy it back. Then install the new version and it will see/upgrade the old one. I have done this on a clean computer and it saw the old file and upgraded it fine. The new file should be Config77.dat. Your catalog and backup files should be untouched by the upgrade. If you leave them in the same locations the upgraded configuration will re-use them. If the catalog files are removed you can rebuild them.

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