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Mac Clients Losing Connection To Windows Server

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Retrospect MultiServer Version 7.7.562

Unlimited Clients

Windows Server 2008 R2

50 Macintosh clients

10 Windows Servers

5 Windows clients


We have a network with a short DHCP lease. We have a vendor who manages our Retrospect backups for us. The vendor states that the short DHCP lease time makes Macintosh Retrospect clients on our network unavailable to backup when their IP addresses change, and the result is constantly tracking IP addresses of clients on the Server and/or removing re-adding clients on the server. My impression is that the Retrospect server and client should communicate any IP changes with little user intervention... The vendor is talking about us using DHCP reservations for users, yet I'd rather not do that if possible as we have limited IPs to hand out and a short lease time has helped us.

What is the best practice for setting up Windows server and Macintosh clients so they communicate all the time?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Just add the clients through "multicast" should work fine.


Adding them by address will (of course) not work after an address change.

Thanks for the info.

The vendor now mentioned there is some issue with Macintosh DNS that limits the availability of Retrospect clients on the network:

From the vendor:

They don't know Macs have issues with dns name resolution? This would not work at all by name unless there were dhcp leases

Any clue what they're talking about?


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