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Case Sensitivity With Duplicate Backup - Error 1132

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Our system is running...

Windows SBS 2003 x86 SP2

Retrospect Small Business Server Standard

Version 7.6.123

Driver Update and Hotfix, version



We were getting the following error: "cannot write, error -1132 (file creation error on destination volume)" appearing in the logs during duplicate backups between two local drives on a machine.


Investigation into the files on which the error was thrown revealed an odd sort of case sensitivity.

Files which have had the casing of their file extension changed. ie. a file first backed up (duplicate) as "DSCF12345.JPG" which is renamed/resaved/deleted and re-created as "DSCF12345.jpg" were causing the error.


When the next duplicate backup runs, and comes across the newly created .jpg (changed case) file, the above error is thrown and the file is not copied. I understand this is partly due to Windows being semi-case-sensitive itself, but I would have thought it's a situation which could be handled in the backup process.


Is this is a known problem, and is it fixed in a newer version?




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