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Problem With Clients

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My system:

Retrospect server:

iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X 10.6.7. Retrospect 8.2.0 (399).

Bootcamp partition with Windows XP (32-bit).

VMWare Fusion 3.1.3.


Retrospect client:

MacBook Pro with Intel core i7, Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Bootcamp partition with Windows 7 (32-bit).

Paralells Desktop 6.0.12090


Small Zyxel P-320W network router (with DHCP server).


My problems:

Problem 1:

The server never finds any clients using Multicast or Subnet Broadcast.

I always "Add Source Directly..." which works until the client gets another IP address.

How can I resolve this?

(This used to work when the server ran Leopard and Retrospect 6.1. The client was an iBook G4 at that time.)


Problem 2:

Backing up Windows on the client.

I read somewhere that simply backing up the bootcamp partition while running Mac OS X wasn't sufficient. (Can anyone confirm this?)

Now, I can't access the Retrospect Windows client on the MacBook Pro when running Windows in Paralells Desktop. Why?

Do I have to continue rebooting the client between backup up the Mac partition and the Windows partition?


Problem 3:

Backing up Windows on the server.

I installed a Retrospect Client on Windows XP on the Retrospect Server. Retrospect will not find the clinet. Not via Multicast, not via Subnet Broadcast, not via "Add source directly.." and typing in the IP address, not via "Add source directly.." and typing in the "localhost" address

How can I backup my Windows partition?


Thanks in advance!

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What a stupid forum. I go into fast reply and hit the big friendly "add reply" button. It deletes my post and takes me to a new screen. Apparently I was supposed to hit the tiny grey "post" button at the bottom. So stupid.


Anyway, I've experienced problem #1 on again off again for 2 years on OS10.4. I had it halfway working then - laptop clients only showed up if they were physically connected to the router - even though when the clients were wireless they showed up when I pinged the multicast address.


Have you tried that by the way, pinging ? If client's don't show up there, its likely a network design issue that you need to resolve.


Back to the story - After updating the retrospect server to OS10.6, multicast and subnet broadcast doesn't work at all.


This was a clean install on a new machine. Retrospect preferences were documented prior to switch. So seriously, WTF? You do everything by the book and you update a machine to a 1 generation old operating system, and core features required to backup DHCP clients don't work.


Anyway, reply to this topic if you get this figured out. Would appreciate it.



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This is a serious problem that has been reported and posted again and again. Nothing works for windows clients either. Mayoff suggested reinstalling clients by hand when posting on EMC forums back in 2010, but there does not appear to have been any resolution - see http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/27595/ . Multicast finding of DHCP clients (Mac and PC) on mixed wireless and wired networks used to work seamlessly with the old v6 software on the old G5 using the same old Airport router and ethernet switch I've had for years. Maybe the solution is to give up, after 25 years of using Retrospect for Mac, and buy Retrospect for Windows, which seems to work fine across corporate networks a whole lot more complex than the one I have here at home.

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The reinstallation of a Windows client 7.6.107 will not cure the Mac 8.2 version's inability to find it. Neither does it find the Mac 6.3.029 client running on a Leopard G4. So sad - the little spinner goes round and round, but to no avail.


i did have this problem to with SNow Leopard and it turned out to be the switch, which had some problems with multicast.

after conecting the client to another switch (from an "old" allied telesys to a foundry switch), clients did turn up

i guess, it was a problem with the multicast settings on the switch, but i didn´t bother to lock into that matter more closely, since we did replace those switches anyway.

By the way, one of the symptoms was, that clients did show up in the sources -->add window for a very short time and then were never seen again.

It definitly was the switch, since i never had this problem again after using other switches.



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