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Backup Performance

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Hello group,


What kind of performance to tape do you get with 7.7?


We are usually getting around 600 MB/min to 1300 MB/min (up to 1600 MB/min in job log) depending on the source and the size of files. We use encryption for the network traffic (how paranoid is that!). Most our servers have 1 Gb network connection. Restores of large files run at 3000 MB/min. Drives are LTO-4. Backup server's CPU (E7600@3.06 GHz) utilization is typically around 40 % when backing up. I'm guessing here, but Retrospect might not use both cores efficiently. IIRC, our backups used to run at approximately the same speed with a lot slower hardware. If that's the case, then it might be Retrospect that's setting the limits.


Just bumped into

Improved network backup performance, with as much as three-times faster copying speeds

of 8.2 (for Mac, of course) (http://www2.retrospect.com/en/products/software/retroformac/?region=9). Any Roxio figures available?


Any piece of information is valuable for the next time I get to upgrade hardware.

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Your figures seem to be okay. Performance depends a lot on the kind of files being backed up and the amount of files available on the client and its CPU and HDD speed. Our hardware is quite a lot faster than yours, but depending on the client it varies even more and we use disk>disk>tape. We also use encryption btw.


Considering your 40% utilisation figure, your CPU has two cores without hyper-treading and 40% means probably it uses one core almost to the max. Because Retrospect doesn't really utilise multi-core you will not see it exceed 50% by much. If you use Retrospect's encryption it can use a little more resources, but it's nowhere near maxing out a reasonable multi-core CPU.


Btw, LTO-4 drives in reality are nowhere near as fast as advertised. Or maybe you backup a lot of large text files filled with only the same character, or large uncompressed tiff-files filled with a single color. Those can be compressed by the drive in a very good and fast fashion, but that isn't a real life scenario. :lol:

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