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Retrospect Hangs During Backup, Uses 100% Cpu

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Hi all,


I've been running Retrospect 7.6.123 Professional successfully for many years but hit a very strange glitch last night. I was backing up a Windows Vista client over the network to a disk backup set when Retrospect got hung (and started chewing 100% CPU) during the Building Snapshot phase. I got an e-mail notification that says "Can't back up registry, error -519 (network communication failed)". When I got into the office hours later, the CPU was still at 100%. I couldn't stop the backup job so I ended up having to kill Retrospect via Task Manager.


Question: Is there anything I need to do to make sure the disk backup set (or Retrospect's configuration) is okay before proceeding with my regular backup schedule?


Thanks in advance!

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The only thing you could do is recreate the catalog file (under "Tools"). Unfortunately, that may a long time and it also removes the backup set from all your scripts.


Try a small backup. Retrospect will tell if anything is damaged. You may be lucky and don't have to recreate the catalog file.

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Due respect to Philotechnic, I also run Avast and even though I had "fixed" the problem with Retrospect by rolling back Windows to an earlier time I tried the Avast link he gives and installed the "fixed" file. BIG MISTAKE Retrospect started to hang again so I put things back the way I had them prior to messing with the Avast files and all was well. I suggest that even if you are minded to try the Avast fix you do not overwrite the identified files but perhaps either rename them or copy them to a safe folder on your desktop. That way if the fix fails you can always go back to square one.

My so far rock solid solution is to start in Safe Mode, start Retrsopect and do a full restore of your Windows Folder (using overwrite all) to a date in mid July if you have a backup set for that date available. It has worked flawlessly for me more than once.

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