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Dvd Drive Compatibility

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Following an upgrade, Retrospect 7.6.123 wouldn't recognise my DVD drive - a Pioneer DVR-112. I checked the list of supported drives




...and the DVR-112 isn't listed. So I bought a DVR-106, a 'Qualified' drive from Ebay, but retrospect can't see this either. a device scan returns 'No tape or optical storage devices found' The drive is visible and working OK otherwise in Windows Vista.


I've tried downloading the most recent version of Retrospect for Mac which recognises the DVD drive in my Macbook pro. I copied across all the storage sets and imported them, but the Mac version doesn't recognize the data on the DVD's, so I can't recover anything. I have more than 10 years worth of data archived on these DVD's and it's important that I'm able to recover it.


I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions on what to try next.



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Guest cdanteek

Do you have the latest Retrospect Driver Update installed for the 7.6 version?


Question please, does Retrospect install a lower class filter like Sonic PxHelp, a registry entry, system32 entry, then when it gets mucked up it won't see a drive, but windows will?

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