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Changing Backup Data Folder Takes Forever If The Current Volume Is Not Available

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I have several disk backup sets which are stored on network drives. After I moved the media to a difference network computer, I would like just to change the Location for Backup Data Folder from the Member Properties dialog. When I edit the properties for the backup, it takes over 10 minutes of the program not responding to display the backup set properties when the set is not available in the expected location. It takes over another minute to get the Members tab to display before I can edit the properties of the member. Is there an easier way to move backup location?


One alternative is to Forget the backup set, and recreate the catalog from the new location. However, even though I have Fast Catalog Rebuild selected for the backup set, rebuilding the catalog still requires an exhaustive scan of the entire backup set, and takes far longer than the above annoying procedure. Is there a way to rebuild the catalog without scanning the entire member?

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I can't help you with your problem.

I just want to tell you that "Fast Catalog Rebuild" is a way to avoid scanning all but the last member when rebuilding. Since you "apparently" have only one member ("the last"), that option is of no use.

The option is most useful when you have a stack of tapes.

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