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Iomega Home Media Network Drive Error 1101

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I have a problem which try as I might I can't seem to sort out.

I have an Iomega Home Network Media Drive which I use as my backup destination. My OS is Vista. All was working fine with Retrospect 7.7 until I had to create a new Vista user setting and delete the old one(this may or may not be the problem!)

My backups then started to have errors in them.

I thought it best to start from scratch and delete all my old backups and creat a new schedule etc.

Everytime I try to do this I get the following:


"Couldn't create Backup Set Backup Set A, error -1101, (file/directory not found)"


Retrospect creates the folder on the Iomega drive called "Backup Set A" so I don't know why it's saying it couldn't.


Can anyone tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?



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