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Best Way To Replace My Mac In The Backup

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This week I received my new MacBook Pro to replace the old one.

I've transfered all data and programs and the new Mac is up and running.

It has gotten the same name and fixed IP address as the old one (that of course is no longer in use/connected to the network).


My goal is to let this new Mac by recognized in Retrospect as if it was the old Mac, so I don't have to change my backup settings.

The previous times, I always removed an old Mac from Retrospect, including the backup files and then recreated those settings for the new Mac.

Now I want to go the easy way.


What's the best way to do this?

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Retrospect will always see the difference between the old and new computers.

I would simply add the new computer as a new Retrospect Client and then add it to the same scripts as the old Client.

Then "Forget" the old client from Retrospect.


Retrospect never backs up identical files twice, so you will not get any redundant files in your media sets.

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Thanks, that was indeed the easiest way to replace my Macs in Retrospect.

I was a bit worried, because I tried to add my new Mac first, without forgetting the old Mac.

That did not work because I ran out of client licenses.

But first fogetting and then adding worked fine.


Next saturday is "B-day" for this Mac. Then I'll know for sure it has worked.

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