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Can't Access Volume Windows7 (C:) On Workstation, Error -505 ( Backup Client Reserved)

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Can't access volume Windows7 (C:) on WORKSTATION, error -505 ( backup client reserved)


Error (This happens every few days):

+ Normal backup using Computers Proactive (Hard Disk Backup Set) at 21/02/2011 14:20 (Execution unit 2)

To Backup Set Workstations...

Can't access volume Windows7 (C:) on WORKSTATION, error -505 ( backup client reserved)

21/02/2011 14:22:50: Execution incomplete

Total duration: 00:00:01

soctWindDestroy: DestroyWindow() failed with error 1400



Workstations (are 'Shutdown' every day):

- Windows 7, 64 bit, Retrospect Client (32 bit) 7.7.106

- Vista 32 bit

- Macintosh OS X computer



I suspect the "Interactive Services Detection", which tries to display the Retrospect message about "Proactive Backup" on the client, has something to do with this error: "DestroyWindow() failed with error 1400".

I did contacted support in the past about this irritating behaviour. They responded: "This Issue, is beyond our control. There is functionality within Windows to white list certain applications to eliminate the UAC prompt"




ERROR: if there is CPU/Disk activity during the "Interactive Services Detection" message


NO ERROR: if during the "Interactive Services Detection" there is no other (significant?) CPU/Disk activity. AFTER the "Interactive Services Detection" message is gone, it doesn't matter what the Workstation is doing.




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Dear Fulco,


I am not an expert but it may be the priority selection on the client.

as far as I know the computers must be on to be backup.

If you are shutting down the computer they cannot be nackup during the night.

Anf if the selection is user rather than Backup proactive backup may not reach it during the day.

See attachment.


I hope it make sense and helps.





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I've seen this occasionally (on versions prior to 7.7 -- I don't use 7.7 yet.) I've been able to correct it by either:


  • disabling and then reenabling the client through the Retrospect Control Panel on the client machine,
  • rebooting the client machine.

You'd think that the Retrospect client would automatically reset itself if there has been no data traffic for an extended period, but it doesn't seem to do so.


-- Pete

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I don't think the issue is with priority. The issue comes from the client only supporting connection from one server at a time, and a previous connection not being released correctly. When I've seen this it was usually because the the server crashed during the backup. Disabling/re-enabling or rebooting resets the client so that it will once again accept connections from the server.


-- Pete

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The client reserve error usually means that the client is in use by another backup system and/or script. You might want to try turning off Interactive Services Detection as well as setting it to start Manually on the client. The other thing you want to make sure of is that there are no background services that might be accessing the drive during the backup and these include such things as Anti-virus programs, disk tools, etc.

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