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I had Windows Vista installed on my laptop when I had a hard disk failure.

I had previously saved many files including my RDB files to an external drive and ONLY the Retrospect 7.7 for Windows download file from when I bought RS 7.7.

I installed Windows 7 on my NEW hard drive.

I set up the operating system Win 7 ok.

I was able to transfer my saved files to Win 7 system

The Retrospect program is on my system. The RDB fies are in my documents which have a great deal of backup info on them that I need to check over.

Problem is that with my Retrospect 7.7 installation it was a clean set up, which was great, but I dont know how to open my RDB files or read them on this clean setup of Retrospect 7.7 OR are the unrecoverable for reading now?

Your help, comments, info, will be gladly received.

Thank you,


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i have the same problem except RS 7.7 doesn't recognize the .rdb files i have. i have my whole system backed up and cannot find my catologue so i need to rebuild.


can anyone help me figure out how to get RS 7.7 to recognize these files? help please !!

Does this help?



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