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Hard Drive Full on Retrospect Express HD


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HI and someone please help. I have read many posts from people regarding problems with Retrospect Express HD. I, too, am now a victim. My hard drive indicated it was now full and therefore has stopped backing up my computer. I went in the Rerospect files and deleted many, however, not all of back ups. I then went into "my computer" and checked how much free space I was able to create on the Maxtor hard drive. It looks like I have 90% of it free. I was happy. My happiness soon faded because I tried backing up my computer again and I get a window that pops up indicating there is not enough free space on the drive. How do I get the software to recognize that the drive is now 90% free? I also am having problems using the toolbar in the retrospect window screen. The buttons are non-functional. I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I have a Maxtor One Touch II external hard drive. I am running McAfee Internet Security Suite. If anyone can help I would be forever grateful. Thanks!

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Hi Ken,


Deleting individual rdb files is a bad idea. Each rdb file does NOT represent a particular backup, so you've probably minced your backup to a point where it is no longer useful.


Retrospect is still reporting the drive as full because it bases this information on the data that it believes to be there, which is information stored in the catalog file. When you deleted those rdb files Retro had no way of knowing they had been removed. You need to delete the catalog file and have Retrospect rebuild it so that it knows what's still on the drive. The catalog file is the RestorePoint.rbc file in the Retrospect folder on your backup drive. Make sure Retrospect is closed when you delete this file, then when you relaunch Retrospect it should say "Backup maintenance in progress." When this finishes it will have rebuilt the catalog file and should then correctly report the free space on the drive.

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I'm looking for help with my Express HD 1.0 on a OneTouch II, and Ken's problem seems very similar to mine. I've had no problems before, but one night last week I noticed that backup was taking A LOT longer than usual. Suddenly a message appeared onscreen telling me that Retrospect had found a "serious error" and that I should report it to Dantz, and that a report of the error was written to a file called assert_log.utx on my drive. The backup stopped at that point. I clicked "Report the error to Dantz" and the message disappeared (don't know what that accomplished, since no other information popped up and there's been no reponse or anything). Anyway, I launched Retrospect and it said it was reclaiming disc space, and it continued for a while, then finished without further incident. The next few nights, the same process occurred again. In checking the OneTouch drive, it is very close to being full, but it has not alerted me to this or indicated that this was a problem prior to this occurring. Finally, I just turned AutoBackUp off, and am trying to figure out what I should do.


When I check the assert_log.utx file, it tells me this:


Retrospect Express HD detected a failure:


This report documents an unusual condition detected by Retrospect's internal

integrity checking. This might be caused by a software bug, but can also be

the result of an incompatibility, hardware malfunction, damaged system

software, or other problems. Details on possible causes and troubleshooting

advice are given in Technical Note 307, Internal Consistency Check Failed,

which can be found on Dantz's website.


I finally found this technical note, but don't really know which fix I should attempt. I don't want to make anything worse. What I have done is try to manually delete restore points from inside the Retrospect program, not just deleting rdb files. The user manual says that when doing this, Retrospect will start reclaiming disc space and it may take a while. But it did nothing, and Retrospect would not recognize the restore points as being deleted. When I closed the program and then relaunched it, the restore points that I had deleted were back in the list again.


What is the problem here? Is it because the drive is nearly full? I thought Retrospect was supposed to automatically delete older restore points to make room for new ones. Can anyone offer any help?


Thanks alot --John

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Okay. Well, thanks alot then. Don't worry, I figured out how to fix the problem with this crappy software that doesn't do what it is advertised to, and what it clearly states in the manual that it does, by myself, without EMC having to use any resources at all to provide support to customers who use their products. Good job EMC! You're an excellent company!

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