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New Media On Retrospect 6

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Posted this in legacy over a week ago and got no replies. Posting here because I figure it will get more attention.


We have been using Retrospect 6 on a Windows 2000 server box for many years now. We would like to take ALL archived info from AIT tape and re-write it to blu-ray (2 copies) and store one off-site and one on-site. How can this be done (or can it be done)? There are currently about 23 tapes to recreate on blu-ray. The blu-ray we have is installed on the same Windows 2000 box and is functional, but is not a blu-ray currently "supported" by Retrospect.


Also, we would like to write nightly backups to an external hard drive, to later archive to blu-ray. I don't think this is as much of a problem. I understand that we will need a new box for the most recent release of Retrospect, and probably a new blu-ray burner (ours is a 1st generation Sony IDE). What specs would you recommend for running Retrospect for nightly backups and archiving to blu-ray (minimum processor speed, RAM, etc.)?

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