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Unable To Update To 7.7.562 From 7.7.341

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We have an Spanish language Retrospect for Windows v7.7.341. We have always downloaded the installers (the first one when we bought the program and the updates) so we have no CD. Trying to update to 7.7.562 the installer says we must found the .msi file from the 7.7 installation CD to uninstall it. Found the file in the HD drive and selected it but then the installer says we need the original CD. Is there a workaround? Will be OK to uninstall through the Control Panel and then install the new version with the dowloaded file (retro_32es_77562au.exe) without losing the configuration?.



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Yes, I would recommend you run an uninstall and then install the new version.


You can directly download the spanish installer from http://www.roxio.com/esp/support/retrospect/software_updates.html


Thank you. Problem solved. Was not able to uninstall Retrospect through Control Panel due to the same problem but I reinstalled it after deleting the Retrospect installation note in the MSI database (used the MS util to delete installations which is called msciuu2.exe)



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