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Release Notes For 7.7.562 Build

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We have not had a chance to update the document yet, but the release notes changes are below:




This document lists the changes made for Roxio Retrospect 7.7 for Windows. Note that Build 562 marks a change in bug tracking databases and the bug numbering format. Change descriptions will also now include more detail than with previous releases.




--64-bit versions of Retrospect capable of running multiple concurrent executions can now run up to 16 executions simultaneously. The limit was previously 8 executions.


RET-235: Fixed a crash (elem.cpp-1138 assert) that could occur when Retrospect sent a cleaning cycle command to a tape library while another operation was running.


RET-4656: Fixed a cosmetic issue where Retrospect could show -1 Exchange Agent licenses available.


RET-4657: Fixed a bug where assigning an Exchange 2003-2010 Agent license to an Exchange 2010 server would cause Retrospect to decrement the number of Exchange 2003-2007 licenses available.


RET-4673: Fixed a bug where Retrospect would ask the user twice when the release of an Exchange Server Agent license was canceled.


RET-4683: Fixed a bug where backing up Public Folder Mailboxes could intermittently result in "can't read, error -3405 (unknown)."


RET-4686: Corrected a cosmetic issue with non-English-language versions that caused Exchange Servers to be listed in the script overview window as "Exchange Server Exchange Server [server Name]."


RET-4687: Fixed a bug that prevented the Backup Wizard from being able to create Backup Set on the boot volume, resulting in a "couldn't create folder c:\ error -1 (unknown)" response.


RET-4692: Made a change to truncate Assert Logs >256 KB when using Retrospect's built-in support log submission send tool.


RET-4698: Fixed a bug that prevented Retrospect from mounting an unmounted, recovered Exchange mailbox database.


RET-4700: Changed the way memory is accessed to prevent an out of memory crash (tmemory.cpp-382 assert) with the 32-bit version of Retrospect.


RET-5367: Fixed a problem where the Retrospect Launcher service could prevent an update install from completing on Windows 7.


RET-5368: Fixed a bug that caused Retrospect to attempt to backup deleted mailboxes on an Exchange Server.


RET-5372: Fixed a bug that could cause Retrospect to generate "Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)" when backing up certain system state components (such as the COM+ Registration database or IIS metabase) from a client computer.


RET-5373: Fixed a bug where Retrospect could fail to back up the Removable Storage Manager on a client computer and generate "error -557 (transaction already complete)."


RET-5393: Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of add-on license codes.


RET-5394: Fixed a License Manager bug that caused added Exchange 2003-2010 license codes to show up as Exchange 2003-2007 license codes and prevent licensing agents for Exchange Server 2010.


RET-5398: Fixed a bug that could cause Retrospect to show up twice in Windows' Add/Remove Programs window.


RET-5409: Fixed a License Manager bug that could prevent an Exchange 2003 or 2007 server from being unlicensed.


RET-5410: Fixed a serious data loss bug that rendered Incremental/Differential/Log backups of Exchange Server 2010 databases useless for restores. (Note: This bug only impacted Exchange Server 2010 backups. See also RET-5421 below.)


RET-5418: Added recognition for Fujitsu ETERNUS LT xx family tape libraries.


RET-5421: Added functionality to automatically force a new full backup of all Exchange Server 2010 databases to provide known good restore points. (Note: This fix mitigates the data loss failure from RET-5410 above.)

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