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Soccrecv: Recv Failed, Error 60

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soccRecv is debug logging that has no impact on the backup itself, but the 519 error is a network communication failure. Something is causing the connection to that client to drop. Because it happens to multiple clients, check the network cable on the backup mac or it's connection to the network.

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Yeah, I've been seeing a number of 519 errors, some without the soccRecv message. Trouble is there's no consistency... it's not always the same clients, and I can't see any (other?) evidence that the backup server is losing its network connection.


519 is also the error I see when a client goes to sleep or restarts while the backup is taking place, so it's hard to know (without calling the user, if the user is there) whether the 519 is a client problem or, as it's labelled, a network problem. It'd be helpful if the client could tell the server that it's sleeping or shutting down, so the server could report the issue more accurately.


If the network connection is interrupted just for an instant, is that enough to trigger the 519 error? Or does Retrospect wait a few seconds to see if the connection comes back, and if it does proceed?


For now, I'll try running a (different) cable across the office to a different ethernet jack, see if that makes a difference.



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Retrospect does typically wait a few minutes before it gives a 519 error, unless something killed the connection in a pretty clear way (not sure what that would be). The network advanced options of Retrospect let you change the timeout, although I don't think that will help much.

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