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Exchange Mailbox Backup Error -3420

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We have Retrospect Multi-Server 7.7 and are backing up Exchange 2007 that is installed on another server. We have one mailbox that is giving an error on three items. We also have the Open File Backup option so these errors stick out in the logs. The error is "can't read error -3420 (unknown)". What causes this and how can we get it to backup this mailbox with no errors?

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Thanks for the response. Below is a more complete example of the errors in the log. And there are now 8 of these errors for just this one user. The Errors button is grayed out. Could that be because we are using the Open File Backup add-in and these are not "file" backup errors? Is there a how-to for figuring out which email item this is and determining if it is truly corrupt or not? Thanks.


T-685: TMailboxFolder::OpenEntry: bad hr = 0x8004010f

File "User Name\Inbox\00000000204f28774f828d4bba15a8afd4cdf2dd0700f858374a47df2d4f94aabf32aba8ad740008064b29730000f858374a47df2d4f94aabf32aba8ad740011805820150000": can't read, error -3420 ( unknown)

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Hi Ken


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same problem, we have had this error message for years, among others like -557 and -1101, so far Retrospect support hasn't been able to help out in solving this. We are using latest windows version.


Is it corrupt? Maybe but I have made test on other backup software that uses the same backup technology as retrospect and they have backed up without warnings (maybe they are wrong, who knows).


Furthermore the "error button" has never worked for us, not clickable even that the backup server has been installed a couple or 3 times within the last year.


Without being able to track what messages retrospect detects as corrupt you have no way of solving the problem...


But good luck, please post if you are provided a solution.


Best regards



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