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Automatically Creating A New Backup Set

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When we first started using Retrospect 7.6 multi server, we set the tape jobs to keep creating a new backup set and add tapes as needed.

We stopped doing it that way, but we want to use that again, and I haven't been able to get this done in 7.7.

I see in the backup set options where you can click the new backup set. It then prompts you to create a new backup set with 001 at the end.

We didn't have to do that manually before, the system would just create a new one for us with 001,002,003, etc. Is this still possible in 7.7?


Also, The last time our tape jobs ran, it prompted us to place in the older tapes that were no longer in out library. The setting on the backup set was "normal", which is how it ran for along time on our server with no issues. With our backups before it would look for the tape, but go ahead and grab a new one and add it to the backupset set and write to it. I had to manually add the tapes before it would run last time.


We are using version 7.7.325.

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