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Multiple Copies Of System Files

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I have used Retrospect for many years and have been pretty happy with it, but since I upgraded one of my clients to Windows 7 x64 the backup has been copying many of the system files on every backup, even though they have not changed. Every backup of the workstation copies over 21,000 files and 5Gb of data - it looks almost like it is copying everything in System State on every backup. When the client was Windows XP and when it was Windows 7 x86 everything worked as expected, and I have made no changes were made to the backup backup script - I just reinstalled the Retrospect Client on the workstation, 'forgot' the old version in Configure Clients and added it back again. Does anyone have any ideas, as my backup disk is now filling up rapidly with multiple copies of the same files.


The backup machine is Windows XP SP3 running Retrospect Professional 7.7.341 (32-bit).

The workstation is Windows 7 x64 running client version 7.7.114 32-bit.


The options listed in the script are: -

  • Thorough verification on
  • Software data compression
  • Don't back up Windows file security information from workstations
  • Back up open files
  • Don't protect multi-volume datasets
  • Don't backup FileVault sparse files



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