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How can I restore my WIN98 backups after emergency WINXP install?


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I am disabled and must back up EVERYTHING as I have no functional memory. Brain memory. I back up twice a week, and recently had a crash which the tech thought was O/S related. He formatted my HD, installed XP--which I did not want--and then discovered the HD itself was the problem. Having XP already paid for, I let him put it on the new HD. Now I can't get to my backups made in WIN98, and I can't use the drive for new backups until I find a way to retrieve what I need from the old ones.


Technical support has left me with no solutions, and frankly not much help.


Is there some kind of workaround which will let XP use the "run as/compatibility" feature, or any way I can get my backups restored?


I can see a Maxtor Locked Drive, and a "generic external HD" (or something similar). I have uninstalled everything, and was using an antique eMachine to restore some files, write them to 3.5 floppies, and manually extract the data, but the old thing died yesterday.


Surely there must be someone who has changed O/S and needed to restore their files before reformatting the Maxtor, which seems to be the only action Retrospect is willing to do.


Once this problem is solved, I would like to use the Maxtor External as another drive, NO DANZ SOFTWARE, as I find it very clunky.


Thank you. Please word replies simply?



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